New Faculty Affiliate Book Talk Series


We would like to announce a new book talk series going forward for GMS Faculty Affiliates who are in book disciplines. GMS will be hosting interdisciplinary book talks for faculty affiliates soon after books on urban issues are released. Interested faculty members should contact one of the GMS Co-Directors as your book’s release approaches.

We will launch this series in the Fall 2022 semester with two talks. Sarah Anzia (Public Policy and Political Science) will be presenting her book, Local Interests: Politics, Policy, and Interest Groups in US City Governments, on September 22, 2022. Her discussants will be Karen Trapenberg Frick (City and Regional Planning) and Paul Pierson (Political Science). In October, Loïc Wacquant (Sociology) will present The Invention of the ‘Underclass’: A Study in the Politics of Knowledge, discussed by Anna Brand (Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning) and Jovan Lewis (Geography). We are looking forward to this new series!

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