Global Metropolitan Studies falls within the Division of Social Sciences. It is co‐directed by two faculty members chosen from among the faculty affiliates.  The directorship rotates every three years. The co-directors report to an executive committee.

The executive committee, consisting of the two co-directors, core faculty, and representatives of the other participating departments, oversees the work of the faculty co-directors. The executive committee currently includes:

  • Sai Balakrishnan, City & Regional Planning
  • Lia Fernald, School of Public Health
  • Desiree Fields, Geography
  • Marion Fourcade, Sociology (Ex Oficio)
  • Karen Frick, City & Regional Planning
  • Ashok Gadgil, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Michel Laguerre, African American Studies
  • Alison Post, Political Science
  • Isha Ray, Energy and Resources Group
  • Kenichi Soga, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Cihan Tugal, Sociology
  • Joan Walker, Civil and Environmental Engineering

The deans of the colleges of which Global Metropolitan Studies founding departments are part–Environmental Design, Social Sciences, and Engineering–may participate as ex officio members of the Executive Committee. 

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