• Giselle headshot

    Giselle Mendonça Abreu

    Mail icon City and Regional Planning Urbanization in the Global South, urban policy in Brazil, urban and planning theory, public infrastructure, economic development, urban-rural linkages
  • Abu-Hamdi headshot

    Eliana Abu-Hamdi

    Mail icon Hunter College
  • Miguel Headshot

    Miguel Perez Ahumada

    Mail icon Universidad Alberto Hurtado
  • Bou Akar headshot

    Hiba Bou Akar

    Mail icon Columbia University
  • Akhtar headshot

    Saima Akhtar

    Mail icon Barnard College
  • amina

    Amina Al-Kandari

    Mail icon
  • heba

    Heba Alnajada

    Mail icon Architecture Forced and Voluntary Migration, Displacement, Exile, Subjectivity Refugee Camps, Politics and Discourses of humanitarianism
  • Bhan headshot

    Gautam Bhan

    Mail icon Indian Institute for Human Settlements
  • Broaddus headshot

    Andrea Broaddus

    Mail icon Bosch
  • Calogero Headshot

    Pietro Calogero

    Mail icon UC Berkeley
  • Cardoso headshot

    Ricardo Cardoso

    Mail icon Yale-NUS
  • Centner headshot

    Ryan Centner

    Mail icon London School of Economics and Political Science
  • Chen headshot

    Jia-Ching Chen

    Mail icon UC Santa Barbara
  • Cheng headshot

    Deborah Cheng

  • erin collins

    Erin Collins

    Mail icon American University
  • savannah

    Savannah Cox

    Mail icon City and Regional Planning climate change, urban resilience, public infrastructure, the Anthropocene, neoliberalism
  • Peñaranda Currie

    Isabel Peñaranda Currie

    Mail icon City and Regional Planning Urbanization in the Global South, Geographical Political Economy, Latin American cities, Peripheral and Frontier Urbanization, Informal Land and Housing Markets
  • Damluji headshot

    Mona Damluji

    Mail icon UC Santa Barbara
  • ryan devlin

    Ryan Devlin

    Mail icon Columbia
  • El-Husseiny headshot

    Momen El-Husseiny

    Mail icon American University in Cairo
  • John Elrick headshot

    John Elrick

    Mail icon Geography Urban history, political theory, cultural landscapes, science and technology studies
  • Eom Headshot

    Sujin Eom

    Mail icon Dartmouth
  • Giuseppina Forte headshot

    Giuseppina Forte

    Mail icon Architecture Space and politics, democratic city-making, peripheral urbanization, design activism, geo-politics of expertise, cultural politics
  • gamble

    Julie Gamble

    Mail icon Trinity College
  • Joseph Godlewski picture

    Joseph Godlewski

    Mail icon Syracuse University
  • Gonick headshot

    Sophie Gonick

    Mail icon New York University
  • Goodman headshot

    Anna Goodman

    Mail icon Portland State University
  • Guerra headshot

    Monica Guerra

    Mail icon Raimi + Associates
  • Güvenç headshot

    Muna Güvenç

    Mail icon Brandeis
  • headshot

    Celina Balderas Guzman

    Mail icon Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning Urbanism, urban resiliency, stormwater, urban wetlands, environmental engineering
  • Chris Herring headshot

    Chris Herring

    Mail icon Harvard
  • Hinkley headshot

    Sara Hinkley

    Mail icon UC Berkeley
  • Shakirah Hudani headshot

    Shakirah Hudani

    Mail icon North Carolina
  • Ion headshot

    Elena Ion

    Mail icon Living New Deal
  • kim

    Hun Kim

    Mail icon UC Irvine
  • Knapp headshot

    Freyja Knapp

    Mail icon Environmental Protection Agency
  • Jessica Lazarus

    Jessica Lazarus

    Mail icon Civil & Environmental Engineering Sustainable transport policy, on-demand mobility, shared automated vehicles, agent based modeling
  • Lee headshot

    Kah-Wee Lee

    Mail icon National University of Singapore
  • Levenson headshot

    Zachary Levenson

    Mail icon University of North Carolina, Greensboro
  • Annie Lloyd

    Annie Lloyd

    Mail icon Geography Urban transportation infrastructures, mobility justice, racialized space, uneven development, narratives of place making, gentrification, Los Angeles
  • Sosa Lopez headshot

    Oscar Sosa Lopez

    Mail icon New School
  • Martin

    Bridget Martin

    Mail icon Harvard
  • McAndrews headshot

    Carolyn McAndrews

    Mail icon University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Millard McElwee

    Millard McElwee

    Mail icon Exponent
  • Chris Mizes headshot

    Chris Mizes

    Mail icon Université Paris-Dauphine
  • Crespo

    Cristina Crespo Montañés

    Mail icon Energy and Resources Group Energy poverty, coping with unreliable energy services, modeling decentralized energy resources, urban resiliency
  • Montero headshot

    Sergio Montero

    Mail icon Universidad de Los Andes
  • Nam headshot

    Sylvia Nam

    Mail icon UC Irvine
  • Navalli headshot

    Shraddha Navalli

    Mail icon Berkeley, Architecture
  • Vicente Tinoco headshot

    J. Vicente Tinoco Ochoa

    Mail icon Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning Dams, rivers, water infrastructure, reservoir sediment management, Andean river basins, Amazon basin
  • predopeterson

    Pedro Peterson

    Mail icon San Francisco Planning Department
  • Ramiller

    Alex Ramiller

    Mail icon City and Regional Planning Residential mobility, gentrification and displacement, urban property markets, housing tenure, neighborhood politics
  • Ranganathan headshot

    Malini Ranganathan

    Mail icon American University
  • Irene

    Irene Farah Rivadeneyra

    Mail icon City and Regional Planning Food systems, political economy, urban analytics, health inequities, Latin America
  • Rodenbiker headshot

    Jesse Rodenbiker

    Mail icon Rutgers
  • Rosner headshot

    Nicole Rosner

    Mail icon University of Chicago
  • Julia headshot

    Julia Sakr-Tierney

    Mail icon Open Society Institute
  • Salman headshot

    Lana Salman

    Mail icon Harvard
  • Tawit

    Tawit Boom Sangveraphunsiri

    Mail icon Chulalongkorn University
  • Manual Santana headshot

    Manuel Santana

    Mail icon McGill
  • Schafran headshot

    Alex Schafran

    Mail icon
  • shankari

    Kalyanaraman Shankari

    Mail icon National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Shelby headshot

    Hayden Shelby

    Mail icon Cincinnati
  • sierra

    Valentin Sierra

    Mail icon School of Social Welfare Native American Youth, Urban Indian Health, Critical Suicide Studies, Land, Space, Place and Race, Decolonial Research Methodologies
  • Stehlin headshot

    John Stehlin

    Mail icon UNC Greensboro
  • Stenberg headshot

    Matthew Stenberg

    Mail icon Political Science Local politics and elections, municipal administration, multilevel governance, public goods and infrastructure, post-Socialist cities, European Union, Germany, Central Europe
  • Suteethorn headshot

    Kanokwalee Suteethorn

    Mail icon Chulalongkorn University
  • Sverklik headshot

    Alice Sverdlik

    Mail icon University of Manchester
  • Anneliese

    Anneliese Sytsma

    Mail icon Colorado School of Mines
  • Tarr headshot

    Alexander Tarr

    Mail icon Worcester State University
  • Thompson headshot

    David Thompson

    Mail icon Simon Fraser University
  • Tomer headshot

    Sharone Tomer

    Mail icon Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
  • tucker headshot

    Jennifer Tucker

    Mail icon University of New Mexico
  • Wade headshot

    Matt Wade

    Mail icon National University of Singapore
  • Werth headshot

    Alexander Werth

    Mail icon East Bay Housing Organizations
  • Woodworth headshot

    Max Woodworth

    Mail icon Ohio State University
  • Young headshot

    Cheryl Young

    Mail icon Trulia
  • Zhang headshot

    Jenny Zhang

    Mail icon Spencer Foundation Education, international development, literacy programs, language ideology, Indonesia
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