Summer Research Funding

Global Metropolitan Studies (GMS) is pleased to announce a competition for summer research grants of up to $5000 to students currently enrolled in the Designated Emphasis.  Applications are due February 28, 2020. Applications for pre-dissertation research are especially encouraged, but all projects will be considered, subject to available funding.  Please see the Documents section for application instructions.

Last year's recipients of funding include:

  • Alli Appelbaum, City and Regional Planning, A comparative exploration of the security guarding industry and urban governance: Johannesburg, Delhi and Mumbai
  • Celina Balderas Guzman, Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning, Planning for the Future of California Salt Marshes
  • Priscila Coli Rocha, City and Regional Planning, The rise of new political actors in Brazilian peripheries: The effects on space, politics, and planning
  • Savannah Cox, City and Regional Planning, Assembling Urban Resilience in Miami
  • Beki McElvain, City and Regional Planning, Understanding social vulnerability and risk in the context of water infrastructure and earthquake hazards in México City
  • Millard McElwee, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Using Neighborhood Demographics and Organizational Analysis to Supplement Agent Based Models for Traffic In New Orleans, LA
  • Giselle Mendonça Abreu, City and Regional Planning, "Urbanizing" the hinterland: agriculture-led urbanization and participatory planning in the Brazilian Midwest
  • Madeleine Parker, City and Regional Planning, A study of ridehailing programs for passengers with disabilities in Boston and NYC
  • Francisco Trejo Morales, Anthropology, Social Housing and Fragmented Politics: A Study of Political Activism In Mexico’s City Metropolitan Area


Conference Funding

GMS also supports the costs of attending conferences for students enrolled in the DE. Applications should be submitted as the need arises, and will be accepted on a rolling basis. Students will be awarded no more than three grants per academic career. Each student who is applying should already have made use of a conference grant from graduate division. We therefore recommend that students concentrate their use of the GMS DE conference grants during the post-candidacy stage, when it is vital to present one’s dissertation research at academic conferences.  

To apply, (1) fill out the Travel Grant Application and email it with (2) the accepted title and abstract and (3) the email confirming acceptance of your paper to the GMS Co-Directors. Awards are granted for up to $500.