Summer Research Funding

Global Metropolitan Studies (GMS) is pleased to announce a competition for summer research grants of up to $5000 to students at any stage of the PhD currently enrolled in the Designated Emphasis. Applications for pre-dissertation research are especially encouraged, but all projects will be considered, subject to available funding. Applicants must be enrolled in, or should have already completed, the GMS 200 core course. 

There is a two-step process to apply.

Applications are now closed for 2023.


Recent (2023) recipients of funding include:

Erica Anjum, City and Regional Planning, ‘The Ephemeral City: Property, Power, and Climate Adaptation at the Fringe of American Empire’

Flávia Leite, City and Regional Planning, ‘Homeownership and Economic Prosperity – An exploratory analysis of the Minha Casa Minha Vida Program in Brazil

Isabel Qi, City and Regional Planning, ‘Governance of climate change risk in the Greater Bay Area’

Laura Schmahmann, City and Regional Planning, ‘Unboxing the political economy of warehouse development in California’

Nick Shatan, City and Regional Planning, ‘What Makes the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Possible? The Actually Existing Political Economy of Affordable Housing in New York City’

Liubing Xie, City and Regional Planning, ‘Floating and fixing: Governing Migrant Workers through Rental Housing Programs in Guangzhou, China’



Conference Funding

GMS also supports the costs of attending conferences for students enrolled in the DE. Applications should be submitted before the conference (e.g. upon conference registration), and will be accepted on a rolling basis. Students will be awarded no more than one grant per year and no more than three grants per academic career. Each student who is applying should already have made use of a conference grant from graduate division. We therefore recommend that students concentrate their use of the GMS DE conference grants during the post-candidacy stage, when it is vital to present one’s dissertation research at academic conferences. GMS is able to support up to 10 conference grant applications for up to $500 each in the 2022-23 academic year.

To apply, fill out the GMS Conference Travel Grant Application.


Student Research Group Funding

Applications for research group funding are currently closed.

GMS is pleased to offer funding of $500-$1500 for new or continuing interdisciplinary student groups working on urban issues. This grant is designed to facilitate communities of practice within GMS and to provide opportunities for students in the DE to organize public programming. Funding may be used to support reading groups, workshops, external speakers, field trips, and other activities that promote the professional development of graduate students and their engagement in the DE.

At least two applicants must already be enrolled in the GMS Designated Emphasis (applicants can be at any stage of the PhD process). Awards are granted for $500-$1500. Activities must be completed by the end of the Spring 2023 semester, including a public event in Spring 2023 open to the GMS and wider campus community. 

Grants will be paid as reimbursement through the Social Science Matrix, who will contact you upon acceptance of the grant. You must submit a copy of receipts with reimbursement requests. Timely submission of reimbursement requests (within a month of completion of activities) is also required.


Apply for Student Group Funding

Please direct any questions to GMS Co-Directors.

Recent (2023) recipients of funding include:


'The City and the Cinema Student Film Club' -

Jonathan Marty (DCRP), Beki McElvain (DCRP), Issac Preiss (Film & Media)

'Mike Davis Celebration of Work Reading Group'

Beki McElvain (DCRP), Jonathan Marty (DCRP), Xander Lenc (Geog)

'Urban Politics Reading Workshop'

Joseph Greenbaum (Poli Sci), Irene Farah (DCRP)

'Central Valley Working Group'

Sarah Lee (Hist), Isabel Peñaranda Currie (DCRP)

To join, contact:

'Climate & Impacts Research Hub'

Matthew Falcone (CEE), Bavisha Kalyan (CEE), Betty Molinier (CEE)