• fran

    Francisco Trejo Morales

    Mail icon Anthropology Affordable Housing, Urban Theory, Anthropology of Mexico, Social Theory, Urban Ethnography
  • yanin

    Yanin Kramsky

    Mail icon City and Regional Planning spatial politics, climate justice, community-based participatory research, urban ecology, water resources
  • ettore

    Ettore Santi

    Mail icon Architecture Urbanization, ecological modernization, human–nature–technology relations, architecture as infrastructure, China urban-rural interface
  • Megumi Yamanaka headshot

    Megumi Yamanaka

    Mail icon City and Regional Planning Urban mobility, Bus Rapid Transit, public transport, land use, non-motorized modes, planning, design, policy
  • Belik headshot

    Laura Belik

    Mail icon Architecture Uses of the street, politics of space, Latin America, urban democracy, commons
  • Faisal Almogren headshot

    Faisal Almogren

    Mail icon City and Regional Planning Middle East cities, urbanism, political theory, regional planning, urban form, Riyadh
  • Priscila Coli headshot

    Priscila Coli

    Mail icon City and Regional Planning Peripheral urbanization, governance, land tenure, public infrastructure, citizenship, right to the city, Global South
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