Summer Research Funding

GMS supports summer research for selected students enrolled in the Designated Emphasis.

Recipients of funding for Summer 2017 include:

  • Giuseppina Forte, Architecture, "The Matter of Politics in City-making, from the Peripheries of São Paulo to the 'Centers' of Europe"
  • Zachary Levenson, Sociology, "Articulating the Law: The Political Basis of Eviction Judgments in Post-Apartheid Cities"
  • Manuel Santana Palacios, City & Regional Planning, "Are Public Transportation Reforms Benefiting the Poor? Exploring the Outcomes of BRT and Gondola Implementation in Colombia"
  • J. Vicente Tinoco Ochoa, Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning, "Evaluation of Sedimentation and Solid Waste Management in Water Infrastructure in Andean Countries of South America"
  • Alex Werth, Geography, "Disturbing the Liberal Public: Law and Cultural Foreclosure in Oakland, CA"
  • Jenny Zhang, Education, "Literacy in development discourse and practice: a view from Jakarta and Nusa Tenggara Timur, Indonesia" 

GMS plans to offer summer funding opportunities of up to $5000 for Summer 2018. Announcements will be made on this page and will be circulated through our email lists. Please see Application Instructions for details.


Conference Funding

GMS also supports the costs of attending conferences for students enrolled in the DE. Applications should be submitted as the need arises, and will be accepted on a rolling basis. Students will be awarded no more than one grant per year. To apply, fill out the Travel Grant Application and email it with the accepted title and abstract to the GMS Co-Directors. Awards are granted for up to $500.