Summer Research Funding

GMS supports summer research for selected students enrolled in the Designated Emphasis. Applications for Summer 2019 are due February 28, 2019. Applications for pre-dissertation research are especially encouraged, but all projects will be considered, subject to available funding. Please see the Documents section for application instructions.

Recipients of funding for Summer 2018 include:

  • Heba Al Najada, Architecture, "States of Refuge: Sovereignty, Home, and Practice in Palestinian and Syrian Refugee settlements in Jordan"
  • Priscila Coli, City & Regional Planning, "Exploring the links between infrastructure hubs and peripheral urbanization in Rio de Janeiro."
  • Yanin Kramsky, City & Regional Planning, "Embodied Ways of Knowing Water Scarcity in California’s San Joaquin Valley"
  • Bridget Martin, Geography, "South Korea’s New Urban Growth Regime and the Unending War"
  • James Mizes, City & Regional Planning, "Fiscal autonomy: Sub-national territories and the politics of public finance in Dakar, Senegal"
  • Jesse Rodenbiker, Geography, "Ecological State: Nature and Governance in Southwest China"
  • Nicole Rosner, Anthropology, "Detouring the peripheral: City-making in Rio’s urban peripheries & the unmaking of the project of democracy"
  • Lana Salman, City & Regional Planning, "Governing through expectation: Democratizing politics in post-revolution Tunisia."
  • Anneliese Sytsma, Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning, "From National Stormwater Regulations to Local Policies and Implementation: Perspectives From Four West Coast Urban Centers"
  • David Thompson, Anthropology, "Re-socialize to Conquer the Future’: Incarceration and Reform in Rio de Janeiro"
  • Megumi Yamanaka, City & Regional Planning, "Toward Sustainable Mobility: Study on the BRT in Paraguay"

Conference Funding

GMS also supports the costs of attending conferences for students enrolled in the DE. Applications should be submitted as the need arises, and will be accepted on a rolling basis. Students will be awarded no more than one grant per year. To apply, (1) fill out the Travel Grant Application and email it with (2) the accepted title and abstract and (3) the email confirming acceptance of your paper to the GMS Co-Directors. Awards are granted for up to $500.