Student Groups

Global Metropolitan Studies has sponsored a range of student groups, including the Food and Cities Group, as well as the Berkeley-Stanford City Working Group, which evolved into Critical Urbanisms. The groups listed below are currently active. GMS also encourages proposals for new student groups.


Latin American Cities

Latin American Cities Working Group is a space for fostering collaborative discussions about Latin American cities—how they have been constructed, transformed, and imagined. Our meetings include presentations of ongoing researches across campus on issues related to urban spaces, practices, and planning in Latin America, as well as lectures by invited speakers and discussion sessions based on pre-selected materials (ranging from academic papers to film and literature) on broad themes relating to cities and the urban condition. We regularly post information on future events and meetings, references to materials we plan to use in our discussion sessions, and videos, photos, and summaries of past events on our website.

Jakarta flood

Critical Urbanisms

Critical Urbanisms is an interdisciplinary and cross-campus group, based at the University of California Berkeley, that promotes critical conversations about forms of knowledge and modes of academic inquiry in the study of the city and urban phenomena. The group seeks to explore and interrogate theories of power, capital, and inequality in cities around the globe. Through conversations with acclaimed academics, workshops, symposia, and student panels, we bring together Bay Area scholars to develop novel practices of knowing, studying, and representing the city. In addition to postings on this website, Critical Urbanisms circulates announcements through a Google Group.