Graduate Students


Heba Al Najada

Architecture |
Forced and Voluntary Migration, Displacement, Exile, Subjectivity Refugee Camps, Politics and Discourses of humanitarianism
Faisal Almogren headshot

Faisal Almogren

City and Regional Planning |
Middle East cities, urbanism, political theory, regional planning, urban form, Riyadh
Alli Appelbaum

Alli Appelbaum

City and Regional Planning |
Comparative urban studies, governance, security, urban theory, middle-class urbanism, densification, urban history, African urbanisms

Celina Balderas Guzman

Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning |
Urbanism, urban resiliency, stormwater, urban wetlands, environmental engineering
Belik headshot

Laura Belik

Architecture |
Uses of the street, politics of space, Latin America, urban democracy, commons
Juan photo

Juan Caicedo

Civil & Environmental Engineering |
Behavioral modeling, data science, Latin American cities, and causal inference
Gustavo headshot

Gustavo Capela

Anthropology |
Nigeria, citizenship, transnational displacement, resistance, maroonage
Chris Chan

Chris Chan

Anthropology |
China, urbanization, digitalization, anthropology of cities, contemporary art, infrastructures
Priscila Coli headshot

Priscila Coli

City and Regional Planning |
Peripheral urbanization, governance, land tenure, public infrastructure, citizenship, right to the city, Global South

Savannah Cox

City and Regional Planning |
climate change, urban resilience, public infrastructure, the Anthropocene, neoliberalism
John Elrick headshot

John Elrick

Geography |
Urban history, political theory, cultural landscapes, science and technology studies
Giuseppina Forte headshot

Giuseppina Forte

Architecture |
Space and politics, democratic city-making, peripheral urbanization, design activism, geo-politics of expertise, cultural politics
Chris Herring headshot

Chris Herring

Sociology |
Urbanization, poverty, penality, welfare, housing, homelessness, social theory, political economy, ethnography
Shakirah Hudani headshot

Shakirah Hudani

City and Regional Planning |
International development and urban change, post-conflict cities, urban sustainability in the Global South, Sub-Saharan Africa
Knapp headshot

Freyja Knapp

Environmental Science, Policy, and Management |
Environmental politics, global governance, science and technology studies, resource extraction, post-colonial relations, hazardous waste

Yanin Kramsky

City and Regional Planning |
spatial politics, climate justice, community-based participatory research, urban ecology, water resources
Jessica Lazarus

Jessica Lazarus

Civil & Environmental Engineering |
Sustainable transport policy, on-demand mobility, shared automated vehicles, agent based modeling

Bridget Martin

Geography |
Political economy of East Asia, US empire, militarism, developmental state, urbanization, South Korea

Brenda Mathias

Social Welfare |
Neighborhood effects, urban spaces, participatory action research, community building, youth
Beki's headshot

Beki McElvain

City and Regional Planning |
Disaster risk reduction, earthquake resilience in Mexico & Latin America
Millard McElwee

Millard McElwee

Civil & Environmental Engineering |
Community resilience, agent based modeling, natural hazards, transportation networks, environmental fluid flow
Giselle headshot

Giselle Mendonça Abreu

City and Regional Planning |
Urbanization in the Global South, urban policy in Brazil, urban and planning theory, public infrastructure, economic development, urban-rural linkages
Chris Mizez headshot

Chris Mizes

City and Regional Planning |
Markets, municipal finance, popular economies, public infrastructure, decentralization, urban and planning theory, publics, territory, West Africa
Madeleine Parker

Madeleine Parker

City and Regional Planning |
Transportation equity, urban mobility, climate change adaptation, resilience planning, affordable housing
Rosner headshot

Nicole Rosner

Anthropology |
Urban ethnography, peripheral urbanization, Right to the City, citizenship, Latin America
Ángel Ross

Ángel Ross

Sociology |
Suburban and exurban poverty, housing, renters, local governance and policing
Salman headshot

Lana Salman

City and Regional Planning |
Political economy of land markets, decentralization and statecraft, regional inequalities, municipalities, subnational comparisons, Middle East and North Africa, Tunisia

Tawit Boom Sangveraphunsiri

Civil & Environmental Engineering |
Transportation networks, public transportation, informal transit, urban mobility, freight transport
Manual Santana headshot

Manuel Santana

City and Regional Planning |
Transportation justice, public transportation reforms, informal transportation, social in/exclusion, travel behavior, Latin America

Ettore Santi

Architecture |
Urbanization, ecological modernization, human–nature–technology relations, architecture as infrastructure, China urban-rural interface

Kalyanaraman Shankari

Computer Science |
mobility scope, travel diary, open source, platform

Valentin Sierra

School of Social Welfare |
Native American Youth, Urban Indian Health, Critical Suicide Studies, Land, Space, Place and Race, Decolonial Research Methodologies
Stenberg headshot

Matthew Stenberg

Political Science |
Local politics, municipal administration, multilevel governance, public goods and infrastructure, post-Socialist cities, European Union, Germany, Central Europe

Anneliese Sytsma

Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning |
Urban hydrology, urban water management, streams, stormwater management, multi-functional water infrastructure
Thompson headshot

David Thompson

Anthropology |
Incarceration, rehabilitation, legal anthropology, citizenship, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Vicente Tinoco headshot

J. Vicente Tinoco Ochoa

Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning |
Dams, rivers, water infrastructure, reservoir sediment management, Andean river basins, Amazon basin

Francisco Trejo Morales

Anthropology |
Affordable Housing, Urban Theory, Anthropology of Mexico, Social Theory, Urban Ethnography
Wade headshot

Matt Wade

City and Regional Planning |
Modernity and development, city planning, real estate, government rationalities, institutional anthropology, Jakarta, Southeast Asia
Megumi Yamanaka headshot

Megumi Yamanaka

City and Regional Planning |
Urban mobility, Bus Rapid Transit, public transport, land use, non-motorized modes, planning, design, policy
Zhang headshot

Jenny Zhang

Education |
Education, international development, literacy programs, language ideology, Indonesia