Faculty Affiliates

City and Regional Planning | charisma.acey@berkeley.edu
Access to water, sanitation, and other basic services, local and regional environmental sustainability, public participation and collaborative governance

Political Science | cansell@berkeley.edu
Public policy and urban governance processes, organization theory, public administration, political sociology and network analysis, Western Europe

Public Policy and Political Science | sanzia@berkeley.edu
U.S. local and state politics, public sector unions, women in politics, public employee pensions

City and Regional Planning | sbalakrishnan@berkeley.edu
New Spatial Forms of Urbanization, Land-use changes, urbanization in the global south, land-use and property, global urban inequalities

Civil and Environmental Engineering | bayen@ce.berkeley.edu
Modelling and control of distributed parameters systems: large scale infrastructure systems, transportation, water distribution

Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning | annalivia@berkeley.edu
racial landscapes in the US, urban planning, landscape architecture, racial justice, Black geographies

City and Regional Planning | tcaldeira@berkeley.edu
Comparative urban studies, social theory, ethnography and qualitative methodology, Brazil, democratization, cultural movements

Rhetoric | ajcascardi@berkeley.edu
Literature and philosophy, aesthetic theory, the novel, early modern Europe

Public Health | rayc@berkeley.edu
Population stressors for gestation, maternal health

City and Regional Planning | robertc@berkeley.edu
Transportation Planning; Transportation and Land Use; Infrastructure Planning; Growth Management planning; International Development

City and Regional Planning | chapple@berkeley.edu
Housing, community and economic development, regional planning, residential and commercial/industrial displacement

Geography | chari@berkeley.edu
Social theory, political economy, development, agrarian studies, labor and work, racial/sexual capitalism, Black radical tradition, biopolitical struggle, oceanic humanities, photography, South Asia, South Africa, Indian Ocean

City and Regional Planning | dgc@berkeley.edu
Land use and development policies, public transportation services, travel patterns and residential choices of immigrants to the U.S.

City and Regional Planning | kchriste@berkeley.edu
Intergovernmental Relations, Evaluation, Housing Policy, Organizational Theory, Planning Theory

City and Regional Planning | stephenjcollier@berkeley.edu
Soviet urban planning and post-Soviet urban and social welfare transformation; infrastructure and politics; neoliberalism and governmental rationality; emergency government in the United States; urban vulnerability and resilience; climate change

Architecture | crysler@berkeley.edu
Urban spatial politics, activism and cultural identity, queer culture, neoliberal globalization, nationalism, collective violence

City and Regional Planning | edeakin@berkeley.edu
Transportation policy, planning and analysis; land use policy and planning; legal and regulatory issues; institutions and organizations; energy and the environment, new technologies

Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning | idronova@berkeley.edu
Urbanization, remote sensing, spatial analysis, urban heat exposure, green infrastructure, resilience, restoration, wetland and urban landscape ecology

Sociology | pevans@berkeley.edu
Globalization, Labor Movements, States, Development

Public Health | fernald@berkeley.edu
children, health inequality, immigrant health, nutrition, public health

Geography | desireefields@berkeley.edu
Urban inequality, political economy, housing markets, financial technology

Economics | ffinan@econ.berkeley.edu
Applied microeconomics, development economics, political economy

Anthropology | dtfisher@berkeley.edu
Social-cultural anthropology, media, music and sound, photography and cinema, Australia

Italian Studies | miafull@berkeley.edu
Architecture and city planning in the Italian colonies

Civil and Environmental Engineering | gadgil@ce.berkeley.edu
Drinking water treatment, innovation, social placement of technology, systems thinking, energy efficiency, global impact, developing world

UC Berkeley School of Law | rgoldstein@berkeley.edu
Race and ethnic politics, urban politics, bureaucratic politics, policing, criminal justice reform, quantitative methods

Agriculture and Resource Economics | marcog@berkeley.edu
Development economics, urban economics, subway infrastructure, rural land titling, road infrastructure, crime, and political economy

Architecture | mpazgut@berkeley.edu
Natural materials innovation, resilient buildings, multiscale design

Agricultural and Resource Economics | hanemann@berkeley.edu
Modeling individual choice behavior, demand forecasting, conservation, environmental regulation and economic valuation

Civil and Environmental Engineering | mhansen@ce.berkeley.edu
Transportation economics, policy and planning, air transportation, public transportation

Sociology | dharding@berkeley.edu
Poverty, inequality, causal inference, mixed methods, incarceration and prisoner reentry, education, neighborhood effects, urban communities, adolescence

Public Health | eharris@berkeley.edu
Molecular virology, pathogenesis, immunology, epidemiology, scientific capacity building in developing countries

History | marhevka@berkeley.edu
America since 1607: 19th Century, urban, cultural

Anthropology | jholston@berkeley.edu
Cities and citizenship, political theory, democracy and law, planning and architecture, urban ethnography, Brazil, the Americas

Civil and Environmental Engineering | horvath@ce.berkeley.edu
Energy, climate, civil infrastructure, engineering, project management

Geography | yhsing@berkeley.edu
Political economy of development in East Asia, power and space, cultural and environmental politics, urbanization, China

City and Regional Planning | jinnes@berkeley.edu
Planning Theory; Planning Process, Collaborative Planning; Research Methods; Urban Social Structure and Equity; Water Policy; Transportation Policy; Metropolitan Governance

Energy and Resources Group | kammen@berkeley.edu
Renewable energy systems, health and environmental impacts of energy generation and use, international R&D policy, climate change, energy forecasting and risk analysis

Civil and Environmental Engineering | kanafani@ce.berkeley.edu
Transportation planning and systems analysis, air transportation

Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences | randy@cs.berkeley.edu
Trusted and reliable network computing, smart cities, data science, smart buildings, smart grids

Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning | kondolf@berkeley.edu
Cities and hydrology, river-city relations, urban river revitalization, fluvial geomorphology, environmental planning

African American Studies | mlaguerr@berkeley.edu
Information technology, the American Metropolis, globalization, global governance, diasporic communities, multiculturalism, urban neighborhoods in US, France, Berlin and London

Public Policy; Political Science | alerman@berkeley.edu
Politics, criminal justice, privatization, public opinion, and political behavior

Sociology | lucas@berkeley.edu
Inequality, discrimination, education, tracking, college entry, effectively maintained inequality theory, research methods, sample design, causality, epistemologies, agent-based modeling, and research statistics

City and Regional Planning | emacdon@berkeley.edu
Urban design, history of urban form, sustainable urban form, street and public space design, waterfront promenades

Environmental Science, Policy and Management | rmf@berkeley.edu
Structural determinants of environmental health disparities, air pollution and perinatal outcomes, environmental justice, social movements, science, and environmental health policy-making

History | mnylan@berkeley.edu
Water, transport, monuments, urban China (early empires, 11th century, contemporary)

Anthropology | aihwaong@berkeley.edu
Southeast Asia, China, modernity, cities, governance, science, technology and society studies, contemporary art

Political Science | aepost@berkeley.edu
Urban politics and policy, comparative political economy, urban infrastructure (esp. water and sanitation), environmental politics and policy, Latin America

Anthropology | rabinow@berkeley.edu
Cultural anthropology, philosophy of human and life sciences, modernity, the contemporary, France

Energy and Resources Group | isharay@berkeley.edu
Equity, affordability and access to water in low-income regions, gender, sanitation

Public Health | lwriley@berkeley.edu
Molecular epidemiology, drug resistance in Gram-negative bacteria, tuberculosis, rapid diagnostic test development, field epidemiology and global health research focused on diseases of urban slums

City and Regional Planning | danrod@berkeley.edu
Public transportation, urban sustainability, urban health, environment and health impacts of traveler behaviors

Sociology | sanjan@berkeley.edu
Poverty, gangs, crime, violence, race and ethnic relations

Architecture | schiavon@berkeley.edu
​​Sustainable building design, energy efficiency, thermal comfort, indoor air quality, energy simulation, post-occupancy evaluation

Civil and Environmental Engineering | rajasengupta@berkeley.edu
Transportation, wireless communications and inertial navigation for vehicle systems

Public Health | clairesnellrood@berkeley.edu
Family and community influences on health promotion, gender and mental health, social inequality, stigma, and health, rural U.S. and South Asia

Civil and Environmental Engineering | soga@berkeley.edu
Infrastructure sensing, geotechnical structures, ground engineering, soil and granular mechanics, deep geomechanics, energy and engineering sustainability, soil-bio interaction, geoenvironmental engineering

City and Regional Planning | msouthw@berkeley.edu
Morphology of the post-industrial city; street design and regulation; design of public space; analysis, design, and management of large scale urban environmental quality; user needs assessment; children's conception and use of the city

Civil and Environmental Engineering | mstacey@berkeley.edu
Climate change, coastal erosion, critical infrastructure resiliency, fluid dynamics

Geography | btsummers@berkeley.edu

Urban space, gentrification, aesthetics, race, racism, identity 

History | tackett@berkeley.edu
Chinese elite society (9th to 11th century), Late Tang capital cities, Song-Liao border during the 11th century, death and death rituals

City & Regional Planning | kfrick@berkeley.edu
Transportation policy and planning, Major infrastructure projects, American politics and conservative views about planning

Haas School of Business and Department of Economics | ntsivanidis@berkeley.edu

urban economics, development economics, economic geography, applied microeconomics

Sociology | ctugal@berkeley.edu
Political sociology, social movements, religion, Islam and the Middle East, culture, poverty and class, social theory, ethnography

Sociology | loic@berkeley.edu
"Urban inequality and marginality, incarnation and habitus, the penal state, ethnoracial domination, politics of reason, classical and contemporary social theory "

City and Regional Planning | waddell@berkeley.edu
Urban economics, land use and transportation, urban simulation, urban informatics, visualization

Civil and Environmental Engineering | walker@ce.berkeley.edu
Urban transportation planning, policy, and operations, behavioral modeling, discrete choice analysis, travel behavior

Geography | walker@berkeley.edu
Human geography, political economy, global capitalism

City and Regional Planning | wolch@berkeley.edu
Sustainable urbanism, urban design and public health, homeless and human service delivery, animal-society relations

Rhetoric | wwyw@berkeley.edu
Labor and creativity, modern and contemporary art, intellectual property, China, consumer cultures, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shenzhen

History | sha@berkeley.edu
Asian history, East Asian studies, Qing and Modern China, Shanghai