Student Working Papers

Sophie Gonick

Urbanization, Inequality, and the Right to the City: Notes from the Cañada Real

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Genevieve Negrón-Gonzales

"From 'Having a Secret to Being a Secret': Undocumented Youth, Otherness & Oppositional
Consciousness" was withdrawn in May 2013 and because it was superceded by "Navigating 'illegality': Undocumented youth & oppositional consciousness," published in the April 2013 edition of Children and Youth Services Review (Elsevier).
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Carolyn MacAndrews

How Is the Transportation Sector Responding to Climate Change Mitigation: Perspectives from
Latin America

14 Pages | 144KB
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Climate Change and Urban Transportation in Latin America: An Analysis of Recent Projects

27 Pages | 198KB
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Carrie Makarewicz

National transport funding, policies, and carbon reduction strategies in Canada, United Kingdom, and Sweden

11 Pages | 215KB
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