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Shrinking Cities Conference Proceedings, Februrary 2007

Faculty Research Publications

Nezar Alsayyad
2006. Cinematic Urbanism: A History of the Modern from Reel to Real. New York: Routledge.

26 Pages | 113KB
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2004. Urban Informality: Transnational Perspectives from the Middle East, Latin America, and South Asia. Lanham: Lexington Books.

26 Pages | 113KB
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Judith Innes

Working Papers

Innes, Judith, Di Vittorio, Sarah, and Booher, David E. "Governance for the MegaRegion of Northern California: A Framework for Action."
21 pages  | 185 KB
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Allison Post

2009. “The Paradoxical Politics of Water Metering in Argentina,” Poverty in Focus, 18. [In English and Spanish]
2009. “Pathways for Redistribution:  Privatization, Regulation, and Incentives for Pro-Poor Investment in the Argentine Water Sector,” International Journal of Public Policy, 4:1/2.

Ananya Roy

2010. “Informality and the Politics of Planning” in Conceptual Challenges for Spatial Planning. J. Hillier and P. Healey, eds. Ashgate, forthcoming.
2010. “Urban Informality: The Production of Space and the Practice of Planning” in Oxford Handbook of Urban Planning. R. Weber and R. Crane eds., Oxford University Press, forthcoming.
2010. “Re-Forming the Megacity: Calcutta and the Rural-Urban Interface” in Megacities and Sustainable Urban Regeneration. J. Okata and A. Sorensen, eds., forthcoming.
2009. “Civic Governmentality: The Politics of Inclusion in Beirut and Mumbai” Antipode, 41:1, 159-179.
2009. “Why India Cannot Plan Its Cities: Informality, Insurgence, and the Idiom of Urbanization” Planning Theory, 8:1, 76-87.
2009. “The 21st Century Metropolis: New Geographies of Theory” Regional Studies, 43:6, 819-830.
2008. “Global Norms and Urban Forms: The Millennium Development Goals” Planning Theory and Practice 9:2, 251-274.
2006. “Medieval Modernity: On Citizenship and Urbanism in a Global Era” Space and Polity, 10:1, 1-20 (with Nezar AlSayyad).
2005. “Praxis in the Time of Empire” Planning Theory, 5:1, 7-29.
2005. “Urban Informality: Toward an Epistemology of Planning” Journal of the American Planning Association, 71:2, 147-158.

Loic Wacquant

2010. “Designing Urban Seclusion in the 21st Century.” Perspecta: The Yale Architectural Journal, 43, 165-178.

2009. “Punishing the Poor: The Neoliberal Government of Social Insecurity.” Politics, Culture, and History series. Durham: Duke University Press.
2008. Urban Outcasts: A Comparative Sociology of Advanced Marginality. Cambridge, UK: Polity Press.
2008. “Ghettos and Anti-Ghettos: An Anatomy of the New Urban Poverty.” Thesis Eleven, 94, 113-118.

15 Pages | 222KB
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7 Pages | 120KB
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2008. “The Militarization of Urban Marginality: Lessons from the Brazilian Metropolis.” International Political Sociology, 1-2, 56-74.
19 Pages | 150KB
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2008. “Relocating Gentrification: The Working Class, Science and the State in Recent Urban Research.” International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 32:1, 198-205.
8 Pages | 68KB
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2007. “Territorial Stigmatization in the Age of Advanced Marginality.” Thesis Eleven, 91, 66-77.
12 Pages | 88KB
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Joan Walker

2009. “Seven Critical Directions for Integrated Land Use-Transport Models.” R. Kitamura and Y. Toshio Y eds., The Expanding Sphere of Travel Behaviour Research. Elsevier, Oxford (with S. Bush).
2007. “Latent Lifestyle Preferences and Household Location Decisions.” Journal of Geographical Systems, 9:1, 77-101 (with J. Li).
2007. “Identification of Parameters in Normal Error Component Logit-Mixture (NECLM) Models.” Journal of Applied Econometrics, 22, 1095-125 (with M. Ben-Akiva and D. Bolduc).
2007. “Masking Identification of Discrete Choice Models under Simulation Methods.” Journal of Econometrics, 141, 683-703 (with L. Chiou)
2006. “Opening up the Black Box: Enriching Behavioral Models of Spatial and Travel Choices,” Journal of Transport Geography, 14:5, 396-398.
2005. “Discrete Choice with Social and Spatial Network Interdependencies.” Transportation Research Record, 1921, 70-78 (with E.R. Dugundji).
2002. “Generalized Random Utility Model,” Mathematical Social Sciences, 43:3, 303-343 (with M. Ben-Akiva).

Working Papers
Banerjee I, Walker JL, Deakin EA, Kanafani A “New Vehicle Choice in India: Household Choice Among Motorized Vehicle Segments”

19 Pages | 172KB
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Gaker D, Zheng Y, Walker J “Experimental Economics in Transportation: A Focus on Social Influences and the Provision of Information.
20 Pages | 818KB
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Gaker D, Zheng Y, Walker JL “The Power and Value of Green in Promoting Sustainable Behaviors”
13 Pages | 524KB
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Walker JL, Li J, Srinivasan S, Bolduc D “Travel Demand Models in the Developing World: Correcting for Measurement Errors”
18 Pages | 700KB
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Walker JL, Ehlers E, Banerjee I, Dugundji ER “Correcting for Endogeneity in Behavioral Models with Social Influence Variables”
20 Pages | 273KB
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Richard Walker

Working Papers

Bardhan, Ashok and Walker, Richard. "California, Pivot of the Great Recession"

40 pages  | 2.15 MB
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For a full list of publications, pdfs of articles, and further information, visit my webpage.

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Research Reports

Considering Climate Change in Latin American and Caribbean Urban Transportation: Concepts, Applications, and Cases

Schipper, Lee, Elizabeth Deakin, Carolyn McAndrews, Lynn Scholl, and Karen Trapenberg Frick
112 pages  |  1.8MB
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Transit Oriented Development for High Speed Rail (HSR) in the CentralValley, California: Design Concepts for Stockton and Merced

Deakin, Elizabeth, M. Shirgaokar, N. Duduta et al. Funded by the California High Speed Rail Authority.
136 pages  |  67.8KB
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Measuring the Invisible: Quantifying the Emission Reductions From Transport Solutions

Schipper, Lee, Wei-Shiuen Ng, Tuan Le Anh, Hans Orn, Maria Cordeiro, and Robyn Liska. Funded in part by EMBARQ.
23 pages  |  519KB
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CO2 Emissions from Land Transport in India: Scenarios of the Uncertain

Schipper, Lee, Ipsita Banerjee, and Wei-Shiuen Ng. Funded in part by EMBARQ.
17 pages  |  590KB
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Disappointed by Diesel? The Impact of the Shift to Diesels in Europe through 2006

Schipper, Lee, and Lew Fulton. Funded in part by EMBARQ.
22 pages  |  118KB
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California's Growth: An Uncertain Future

Teitz, Michael B., ACCESS, Volume 32, Spring 2008. Funded by the Hewlett Foundation.
3 pages  |  205KB
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California Futures: Accommodating Growth in an Era of Climate Change and Rising Fuel Prices

Deakin, Elizabeth, ACCESS, Volume 32, Spring 2008. Funded by the Hewlett Foundation.
6 pages  |  388KB
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The Challenge of Urban Transportation in California

Deakin, Elizabeth, and Robert Cervero, ACCESS, Volume 32, Spring 2008. Funded by the Hewlett Foundation.
8 pages  |  443KB
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A Strategy for Infrastructure: The California Infrastructure Initiative

Dowall, by David E., and Robin Ried, ACCESS, Volume 32, Spring 2008. Funded by the Hewlett Foundation.
8 pages  |  986KB
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California’s Housing Problem

Kroll, Cynthia, and Krute Singa, ACCESS, Volume 32, Spring 2008. Funded by the Hewlett Foundation.
10 pages  |  466KB
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Transportation Planning as an Integral Part of Urban Development: The Emerging Paradigm

Deakin, Elizabeth, ACCESS, Volume 33, Fall 2008. Funded by the Hewlett Foundation.
1 page  |  43KB
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Multimodal Transportation in California: Connecting Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Kanafani, Adib, ACCESS, Volume 33, Fall 2008. Funded by the Hewlett Foundation.
6 pages  |  366KB
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Planning Water Use in California

Eisenstein, William, and G. Mathias Kondolf, ACCESS, Volume 33, Fall 2008. Funded by the Hewlett Foundation.
10 pages  |  569KB
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Integrating Infrastructure Planning: The Role of Schools

McKoy, Deborah, Jeff Vincent, and Carrie Makarewicz, ACCESS, Volume 33, Fall 2008. Funded by the Hewlett Foundation.
9 pages  |  4.78MB
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Transportation Infrastructure and Sustainable Development: New Planning Approaches for Urban Growth

Boarnet, Marlon G., ACCESS, Volume 33, Fall 2008. Funded by the Hewlett Foundation.
7 pages  |  256KB
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"Carbon in Motion" for North America and Latin America

Schipper, Lee, Wei-Shiuen Ng, Brian Gould, and Elizabeth Deakin.
129 pages | 2MB
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Shrinking Cities Reports

Regional Resilience in the Face of Foreclosures: Evidence from Six Metropolitan Areas

66 pages  |  3.2MB
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