Graduate Curriculum

Complete details can be found in the 2013 GMS DE Handbook (PDF | 210 KB).


1. Curriculum

The Designated Emphasis Graduate Group in Global Metropolitan Studies offers two concentrations: Comparative Urban Studies and Infrastructure and Environment. Students admitted to the Designated Emphasis program must complete two required courses and three electives for the track they have chosen.

A total of five graduate level courses, as elaborated upon below, are required for the Designated Emphasis in
Global Metropolitan Studies.

Core Courses 

Two core courses are required for the Designated Emphasis.

1)   Global Metropolitan Studies 200: Global Metropolitan Studies: An Introduction to Theories, Histories, and Methods.
This course is designed to examine metropolitan development through history and consider metropolitan issues from the varied perspectives of the social sciences and the professions.  This course must be taken for a letter grade.

GMS 200 should be taken pre-candidacy.

2)   Advanced Seminar in Methods for the concentration the student has selected (offered spring):
a) Global Metropolitan Studies 201: Research Seminar in Comparative Urban Studies OR
b) Global Metropolitan Studies 202: Research Seminar on Infrastructure and Environment
The Advanced Seminars are designed for students who have completed their Qualifying Examinations. These courses offer an opportunity for in-depth examination of contemporary research topics, data and methods, and recent research findings and challenges in specific subfields of global metropolitan studies.

This option should be taken post-candidacy.

Elective Courses 

In addition to the two core courses, students in the Designated Emphasis in Global Metropolitan Studies are required to take three additional courses for graduate credit on topics in metropolitan studies. The courses must be selected from the approved list for the student’s chosen concentration unless a substitution is authorized by the GMS Graduate Group’s Curriculum Committee.  The lists of breadth courses will be reviewed and updated by the Committee annually.

Elective courses should be completed prior to advancing to candidacy and no more than one elective course for the Designated Emphasis can be taken from the student’s home department.  Students may substitute no more than one course not on the list, with the approval of the Curriculum Committee.

Please consult the 2013 GMS DE Handbook for more details.